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In all of these pursuits, it's sometimes surprising to discover that one of the most time and skill-intensive areas of focus in a fine knife is the embellishment. Just when I thought I was developing some skill at engraving, leatherwork and knife making, I saw your stuff.

You're quite an artisan with brilliant creativity. Patrick Chitwood There is an old saying that an artist's work is never finished, that he merely, at some point, abandons it. I may be happy with the piece, and indeed, it may look complete to others.

I have one goal, to make fine knives, working with clients and their ideas and also independently designing, and improving my skill year after year.

A great deal of this effort is continually invested in embellishment.

Embellishment makes a knife unique, particularly if the embellishment does not exist on any other knife.

I've never been comfortable with someone else completing my projects, so I don't farm out or contract other's work on my knives.And though you may experience beauty in a simple, utilitarian custom knife with clean lines, a rudimentary blade, and flat, polished bolsters, you might wonder what it would be like if it were finely detailed with every inspiration the artist could apply.If beauty isn't reason enough, take a look at it from the descriptive verbiage: , which means to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications.And somewhere along the way, we've misplaced our interest in beauty.Beauty is superficially seen in Hollywood and the media, fleeting and often insincere.

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You've read on this site (I hope) on the FAQ page, the Blades page, the Handles page about the history of man's first tools and weapons.

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