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In reality, or perhaps virtual reality, Second Life is a complex environment filled with potential risks and rewards.At its most basic level, Second Life is an online environment created by Linden Lab, a company based in San Francisco.

They inhabit a virtual world free of pre-determined goals or tasks, just like the real world.

Few online social networking sites get as much attention as Second Life (SL), the three-dimensional virtual world where users, called residents, can preten­d to be whomever -- or whatever -- they want to be.

Although it's an online environment, its influence reaches into the real world -- including a virtual economy that's dependent upon actual money.

Concierge members are those who spend more than 5 a month on land-use fees.

These users have access to an extensive support network.

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Some residents design short programs, called scripts, which give avatars or objects new abilities, including special animations or the ability to generate copies of other objects.

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