Domestic discipline dating

Parents of different families often see their roles differently.

These differing expectations can become sources of difficulty for teens and their parents.

Driving Privileges Consistent with laws that apply to everyone, parents should help their youth recognize that driving is a privilege and not a right.

As such, it is a privilege that is earned, and can be taken away.

Similarly, the use of a car, whether the family car or a teen's own car, is an expensive privilege that can be awarded for responsible behavior, or taken away for irresponsible behavior.

At a minimum parents should clearly establish and communicate their expectations about driving and the use of a car.

Illegal drugs are off-limits for the same reasons; because in fact, they are illegal. Therefore, parents should not provide their youth with alcohol or tobacco, or allow any youth to use alcohol or tobacco while in their presence.Specifically, teens should be aware of what behavior will result in the loss of driving privileges (for instance, drug or alcohol use).More information about driving is found in the Safety section.Nevertheless, parents need to establish clear guidelines that enable their youth to make wise choices.First, youth should be explicitly taught they are expected to follow their own family's rules whether they are at home or visiting someone else's home; and, they must also comply with the rules of the home they are visiting.

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