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However, it helps more to send first messages without setting high expectations of getting a response.i end by saying my name (which is top secret by the way):"I'm **** if you're interested, if not, good luck finding nemo!"thats how i like to end them, (some people above seem to suggest this shows lack of confidence, for me its my way of saying, i'm not going to be losing any sleep if you don't reply....)I can see shakeitup's point there but I wouldn't take it that far, dude.If we’re serious about changing gender power dynamics for good, we need to take the NSPCC’s advice and teach children about consent from a young age.

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Sorry if this is the wrong section, really couldn't decide where to put this. I'm having a bit of trouble thinking of a good way to end a first message. That way if the lady is at all timid about responding she can answer the question and not have to drum up something.

A few have a salutation or say something funny or ask an open-ended question. Really you are not being graded on the closing of your paper rather then if she feels an attraction and if ya'll have things in common with one another. I've used things like "Have a good night" or "Have fun!

" which doesn't really seem like a great way to end a first message.

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