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That makes it hard.”Taggart and Rhoads said they had to get used to each other’s personalities and living styles.Taggart, who is an only child, said she likes her quiet time so she can relax.At a young determined age, Shea saw much success on the water and had the opportunity to enjoy learning how to fly her dad’s plane.

Olsen, 25, stepped out without an engagement ring while visiting a farmers' market over the weekend. Should Olsen be ready to jump back into the dating pool, she's got two matching wing women for support.They balance each other out, “besides the whole gender thing,” Rhoads said. It’s kind of like a yin and yang type of deal,” Taggart said.Taggart believes it is really hard to maintain a relationship in college because people are always changing.While on a trip in Georgia, the couple ate a seafood platter, went to the beach and flew kites, which they both said was their favorite day.“We like to do adventures — new places, new foods,” Rhoads said.“We like to explore Hocking Hills and stuff.”During their sophomore year, Taggart and Rhoads lived together in the residence halls, which Taggart called “an adjustment” that both of them had to get used to, and said living with a significant other “is not for everybody.” It’s like ,’ and I’m finally talking to her.

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It’s been a to say the least.”Though it is hard to maintain a steady relationship in college, Rhoads thinks that is why people admire their relationship.“A lot of people, I think, admire the fact that it has been this long,” Rhoads said.

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