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What's even cooler, is when you put in wheat bread, you get pumpernickel. It just so happens I have some pumpernickel bread, right, here! I was hoping it would be one of those toasty cakes! Foamy: Eh, you know, the auction description said not to use waffles. Foamy: I don't know, something about getting back a toasted human hand or something?

And there’s that James Hetfield, and he's the alcoholic, and then there's that Lars Ulrich guy. That Ulrich guy who's like got the Napoleon Complex because, you know, he's like one point five inches tall and stuff, and he can't even really play drums, you know? And whats with that James Hetfield guy, that every time he writes a song, he's gotta put in that "HUA!

Foamy: It's a toaster, from that haunted house in Amityville.

And when you put in pumpernickel, you get a blueberry muffin!

Swimming With the Fishes: Bin Laden Special May 2 259.

Art Is Smart or Naked Girls Seen Through The Eyes of a Squirrel June 3 319.

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She strums a few chords, then Foamy pops up.) Foamy: Attention all!

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