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To take the date to another level, check out this further list of questions that you can ask potential dates that will evoke deep, meaningful answers and give you an insight into the person you are with.

Remember, it’s their answers you should be curious about, not merely rattling off questions interview style. Ask intelligent questions and follow up with relevant queries, and don’t forget to talk about yourself.

If you don't know much about your city, take some time to research it and make a list of places to visit. For this question, you don't need to rattle off every single thing you enjoy like eating, sleeping, shopping, or playing video games.

Then when your date expects you to offer suggestions on things to do in your city, you'll be able to talk about your to-do list - and invite him/her along! Take some time to think about the hobbies that define you as a unique individual, even if it's not something you necessarily do every single day.

"It makes me more disciplined in all areas of my life!

"), but avoid bringing up specific people from your past.7. People ask this question not only to find out what kinds of people you associate with, but also the way in which you associate with them.

Are you the ringleader of your group, or are you a supportive sidekick kind of figure?

Tip: it is good to mention a wide variety of friends to show that you have an open heart towards people in general, and try to show that you are both independent and caring of those around you!

This can help see how initially compatible you two might be.

If your passion is something that you share, this can be a great sign of things to come, but definitely don’t write them off if it isn’t.

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