Hp laserjet p4015x problem updating firmware

Download new firmware from the HP Web site To find the most recent firmware upgrade for the product, go to com/go/ ljp4010series_software or com/go/ljp4510series_software. If the error doesn't come back, it could have been caused by the other application.This page provides instructions for downloading the new firmware version. This error can be caused by corrupted printjobs, software applications issues, nonproductspecific printer drivers, poor-quality USB or network cables, bad networkconnections or incorrect configurations,invalid firmware operations, or unsupportedaccessories. If it does return and you are sure that your cables(USB or network) are good, you will probably have to upgrade the firmware.“Oh, I think it needs a firmware update, but no one has been able to fix it” he responded. Sounds easy-peasy to me so I told him as much with that smug smile we IT guys are so good at.He told me to take it and fix it if I could…”It’ll be another article for your blog” he said, to which I retorted “Not likely!

Open read door and pinch blue latches on fuser and pull it out. If NO then an application may be causing the error, try to isolate the file causing the problem. If YES then Firmware/Formatter most are the problem. Try printing something from a different software program. If it still fails, repeat the power cycling again and then print something using the failing program but a different file.

If it is a local issue to your printer it is likely that the fuser temperature is set to low.

If the fuser temp is set low then it will pause printing in order to maintain a whatever temp it is set at.

The firmware datecode has this format: YYYYMMDD XX.***. The first string of numbers is the date, where YYYY represents the year, MM represents the month, and DD represents the date.

The firmware datecode is listed on the Configuration page in the section called Device Information.

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Non HP Toner Cartridges or Refilled HP Toner Cartridges will no longer have the chip enabled to generate this message.

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