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The 25-year-old actor was a guest on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Wednesday where he participated in a fun heart rate monitor challenge.

It was the duty of host Nick Grimshaw to stress out the former boy bander so his heart rate would increase.

What could make Nick Jonas squirm more than talking about his famous exes?

Being hooked up to a heart rate monitor and getting egged on by his brother and celebrity friends.

But it was nothing compared to the reaction brought on by the mention of Emilia Clarke's name by his Jumanji co-star Jack Black.

With Nick's older brother Joe engaged to Emilia's co-star Sophie Turner, could there be a secret relationship happening?

I was wondering if that brought up anything for you? It was actually my first time, maybe that says something.

Selena, ever the expert torturer, was quick to pounce about their short-lived romantic past, thanks to a voice recording."Hello Nicholas, it's Selena Gomez," she cooly recited. If not, I failed."Letting the moment sink in and while his heart rate soared to astronomical heights, Nick took a breath and clarified what it exactly meant.

“Nick, please tell the story about how a lady was referring to herself as ‘Mama’ but you thought she was talking about her mother,” the DNCE frontman said. It was basically one of my earlier sexual encounters and she said something about ‘Come to Mama’ or whatever it was and I said, ‘Your mother’s here?

’ ” Nick recalled, calling his younger self “a naïve, young man.” Also during the examination, Jonas was shown ex Miley Cyrus‘ music video of “7 Things,” the song widely regarded as a breakup anthem co-written by Cyrus about their 2006 split after an 18-month romance.

And as we know from their mutual pal Demi Lovato, Nick happened to go back and forth between dating Selena and Miley Cyrus, so imagine all the DRAMA that went down.

But we're talking about the Nelena era at the moment and the "Wolves" songstress just went ahead and exposed the fact that Nick basically always tried to keep their relationship a secret, even though she didn't really want to. So here's what went down: Nick stopped by Nick Grimshaw's BBC Radio 1 show and took part in the heart rate monitor challenge where basically, the singer was hooked up to a machine that was tracking his heart rate and the lovely Mr.

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