Relative dating of rocks powerpoint

Through this approach, students are challenged to conceptualize the geologic time scale by comparing it to a student-produced time scale for an older adult’s life.

In order to gain that understanding, students need numerical literacy, including both comprehension of scientific notation and an accurate concept of the difference between a million and a billion. This publication contains resources designed to do three things.

Additionally, knowledge of the nature of science in general, and geologic science in particular, is needed. The first is to complement teacher content knowledge and its relationship to the nature of geologic science.

Geology is not a laboratory-based science lending itself to traditional notions of controlled experiments; rather it is a historical science requiring different methods.

Geologic Time: Online Edition An online edition of a general interest publication from the U. Geological Survey gives an overview of the concepts associated with the age of the earth.

Section headers are: Geologic Time, Relative Time Scale, Major Divisions of Geologic Time, Index Fossils, Radiometric Time Scale, and Age of the Earth.

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