Scarlett johansson and natalie portman dating

In my previous article, I wrote about Hollywoods Perfected Craft, which is, what I think, a mockery of feminism and activism in an attempt to appeal to the ever-changing progressive masses.Hollywood wants to pretend it cares about our “pedestrian” issues, or even the issues facing individuals in the Hollywood entity, so they throw around a few tears, a few speeches and voila, you’ve fooled the common folk.This act usually involves sending what seems to be powerful women who embody feminism to participate in these events and convince genuine activists that they are not a part of the Hollywood issues, that they are on the same page as us, and that they understand.

As always, Hollywood absolutely had to capitalize off of this momentum and sent out their performative feminists to speak on the issues.Temptation abounds, and some sort of freaky honor code enables.But there's also another glaring fly in the glamorous ointment, one that can plague couples at all stages of the love game, from the casually dating to those married for years.He, of course, ran away to various different European countries, which prompted many actors and actresses in the industry who had worked with or supported Polanski to sign a petition asking a judge to pardon Roman Polanski and drop his sexual assault charges so that he may return to the US, one of them being Natalie Portman.Natalie Portman supported a rapist, not even someone that “alleged” or whatever bullshit Hollywood throws in to try and lift the burden off of these elites, an actual rapist that would be convicted if he steps foot in America.

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