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In either case, you will most likely create the columns in the context of a Feature.For information about implementing a Feature, see Using Features in Share Point Foundation. You can define primary and secondary lookup columns as part of the definition for a new list (that is, as part of the List Schema). Try Get List("Contoso Orders") If orders Is Nothing Then System. ' Note that you must delete dependent lookup fields ' before deleting the primary lookup field. Delete() End If End Sub Public Sub Add To Default View(By Val list As SPList, By Val field Name As String) If list Is Not Nothing And Also list.

After investigate the ULS log, the error is "System. I have a list which has a lookup column populated with the events from my Sharepoint calendar.In Share Point Foundation 2010, you can create a multiple-column lookup where a lookup columns show values from other columns in the same list item.The target of a lookup column can be one of the following field types: Counter, Date Time, Number, Text.I am trying to update the "Modified By" field in a Sharepoint discussion board using the Client Object Model. By changing the "Editor" and "Author" fields, I can change the "Modified By" that appears on the list view.

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